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Stress Less and Accomplish More

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I’ve taken years of global time improvement experience which has saved individuals and corporations multiple $MILLIONS and applied it to a simple, easy to follow step by step module. It's all there, ready for you to discover time that you never knew you had!




Time Crunched - DouglasCalvin.com

Sometimes we have just way too much to do, don't we? - TIME-CRUNCHED!


To Do List - DouglasCalvin.com

And when the time-crunch prevents us from reaching our goals - STRESSED OUT!


7 Steps to Time Excellence - DouglasCalvin.com

But the fact is we can energize our progress with 7 Simple Steps - HOPE!

You Will Learn:

  •  How easy it is to find time opportunities in your day following the 7 simple steps.
  •  How to see time opportunitees and quickly implement changes.
  •  How fulfilling it is to finally make progress on your time-crunched week!

The End Result:

  •  You will have freed a significant amount of time in YOUR life!
  •  You will have a new balanced calendar with more time for what matters most.
  •  You will FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF and your ambitions!

Time Management Plus Master Series  

 includes all of this!  

Time Management Plus Course Content DouglasCalvin.com

  • Video Step By Step Series (15+)
  • Audio Step By Step Series (15+)
  • 3 Phases and 7 Steps
  • Worksheet Series for your plan
  • Cheatsheets for What to Minimize
  • Cheatsheets for What to Maximize
  • Cheatsheet for when to use tools
  • Tools Worksheets
  • Online Group for support and contact with staff

and even More!

  • Bonus Content ... see below!


Simply click here to become a member of the Time Management Plus Master Series.

The entire package awaits including the video and audio series, Step sheets, cheat sheets summarizing the major concepts, and simple tools to make you more effective. The worksheets provide a clear easy path.

Begin the 7 step process by listening to the video or audio sessions.

You will be logged into the Time Management my.DouglasCalvin.com membership site. We’ve included loads of tutorials and support materials to help you along the way. Get stuck on a point - no worries. the Online Support and Mentoring group allows conversation with others and our team.

Completion; your new Time Savings are realized - and YOU created that exciting new time balanced schedule!

Your exciting new schedule has opened up to allow more time for thinks that matter most. It's a continual awareness, though, as life changes occur. And for that reason, material is added over time to keep you in step with the latest!

What Impact could your Freed-Up Time have?

San Franciscso - DouglasCalvin.com

Savings of 17 to 28 hours a week are not unusual, opening a huge opportunity to catch up and even move forward key goals and dreams toward your purpose. 

For example, even at the low end of 14 hours savings per week:

Time Period





Saved Hours





Annual Salary





14 hrs/wk $





What could YOU do with 728 hours of freed up time a year?


  • Have a passion or a message to get out.
  • Want to learn a new skill or career
  • Want to spend more time with your children and / or grandchildren.
  • Have a faith that burns with a desire for more service.
  • Want to have time at work for real improvements.
  • Need to find tie for a second job due to unexpected expenses.
  • Need to get away. 
  • Want to write that book.
  • Have a talent, skill, and passion for helping others
  • Want to improve your health and stress levels
  • Have a project that you want to finish.
  • Have an illness in the family.
  • Want to volunteer for community service.
  • Want some alone time.
  • FILL IN YOURS HERE: _____________________


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PLUS a 60 Day Guarantee

Time Management Plus Guarantee - DouglasCalvin.com

Refunds will be gladly given if you: 

  • did the work, 
  • showed us that you did the work, 
  • did not get results, 
  • and still wish to have your money returned.


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